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A stop for the Hungarian State Railways (MV) is located at the neighboring Ferihegy railway station, which is reachable from Terminal 2 via bus route 200E.

The Ferihegy station only has irregular service into the city center that takes about 25 minutes.

Ferihegy Railway Station

Ferihegy vastállomás (Train Station) is located on the southeastern outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. Suburban and intercity trains run between this station and Nyugati Railway Station in central Budapest via Kbánya-Kispest on the Hungarian State Railways.

Bus 200E travels between the station and the Budapest airport's Terminal Two, about 4 kilometers away.

Budapest Metro

Budapest Metro, or Budapesti metró, is the city's underground transit system. It's the second-oldest subway system in continental Europe, and it's powered by electricity.

The M1 line was designated as an IEEE Milestone because of the revolutionary technologies of the time.

The entire M1 corridor has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2002. There are four lines in the metro system, designated by numbers and colors (M1–M4). From Mexikói t, head southwest toward the river on M1 (yellow).

Danube is crossed by the M2 (red) line as it runs east to west through the city. The blue M3 line alternates with the other three lines and follows a roughly north-south direction. Beginning from Keleti pályaudvar, the M4 (green) line heads southwest, crosses the river, and ends at Kelenföld vastállomás.